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Priorities for NICE in health and social care

Morning, Monday, 28th February 2022

This conference will discuss the priorities for NICE within health and social care following the publication of the NICE Strategy 2021 to 2026: Dynamic, Collaborative, Excellent earlier this year, which sets out NICE’s vision and priorities for transformation over the next five years, including:

  • rapid and responsive evaluation of technology, and increasing uptake and access to new treatments
  • flexible and up-to-date guideline recommendations which integrate the latest evidence and innovative practices
  • improving the effective uptake of guidance through collaboration and monitoring
  • providing scientific leadership through driving research and data use to address gaps in the evidence base

It will be an opportunity to discuss the role of NICE in a changing health and social care landscape following the pandemic, as well as the opportunities presented for guidance to keep pace with the development of integrated care, innovative treatments, and data-driven research and technology.

Sessions in the agenda include:

  • key priorities for delivering the future vision and transformation of NICE going forward
  • developing evidence-based guidelines in a changing health and social care landscape:
    • flexibility, patient engagement, collaboration, and effective implementation
    • lessons learned from the use of rapid guidelines in response to COVID-19
  • the opportunities presented for improving the utilisation of data and the future for data-driven evidence and guidelines
  • taking forward new approaches to evaluating health technology - speed, cost-effectiveness, and engagement
  • priorities for industry engagement and improving value and access to innovative health technology
  • supporting the development and adoption of innovative medicines
  • the role of managed access and funding in delivering improved patient access to innovation
  • opportunities for using research and data analytics to meet gaps in the evidence base

Keynote Speaker

Luella Trickett

Director, Value and Access, Association of British Healthcare Industries

Keynote Speakers

Luella Trickett

Director, Value and Access, Association of British Healthcare Industries

Paul Naish

Head of UK Policy, AstraZeneca

Professor Matt Westmore

Chief Executive, Health Research Authority

Senior speaker confirmed from NICE

Dr Ben Goldacre

Lead, Goldacre Review; and Director, The DataLab, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford


Professor Carl Heneghan

Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine; and Director, Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford

David Chandler

Chief Executive, The Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Alliance (PAPAA)