Westminster Health Forum

The future for NHS estates: funding, property disposals and delivering infrastructure developments

Morning, Tuesday, 28th January 2020

Central London


This seminar will be a timely opportunity to discuss the next steps for NHS estates.

It follows the Prime Minister’s announcement of £1.8bn additional funding for NHS infrastructure projects.

Funding the estate

Delegates will assess priorities for utilising additional government funding for improving NHS infrastructure - including for the selected 20 hospital projects across the country, which will share £850m for infrastructure upgrades and the next steps for developing the long term capital funding plan which is being sought by some in the sector.

The seminar will follow the upcoming Spending Round and comes as the NAO launches an inquiry into capital expenditure in the NHS, with the full report later this year expected to address the capital funding process.

The agenda includes discussion on further options for funding the estate - such as the impact of private finance, the role of public-private partnerships and the progress of disposing of surplus NHS land.

Policy landscape

Attendees will assess the progress made since Sir Robert Naylor’s review into NHS property and estates: why the estate matters for patients and the Government’s response - including targets to dispose of surplus NHS land, develop strategic estate plans and support local transformation.

They will also discuss the way forward for the management of NHS estates, in light of the Investigation into NHS Property Services Limited inquiry by the Public Accounts Committee, which will look into improving the management of NHS tenants.

Using NHS land efficiently

Delegates will also consider strategies for the efficient management of the NHS estate and the priorities for planning and design - including the effective use of NHS land, adapting to regional variation and the role of technology in estate management.

Further sessions will look at the impact of the Homes for NHS Staff government policy, which aims to give NHS staff first refusal on affordable homes built using funding from surplus NHS land - as well as the next steps for collaborations between local planning authorities and NHS organisations.

Keynote Speakers

Sir Robert Naylor

Author, NHS Property and Estates Review

Dr Sue O’Connell

Chief Executive, Community Health Partnerships

Keynote Speakers

John Westwood

Director of Asset Management, NHS Property Services

Dr Sue O’Connell

Chief Executive, Community Health Partnerships

Sir Robert Naylor

Author, NHS Property and Estates Review


Karin Smyth MP


James Atkins

Partner, Bevan Brittan

Ellen Vernon

Programme Director, One Public Estate, Local Government Association