Westminster Higher Education Forum

Next steps for the Knowledge Exchange Framework

Morning, Thursday, 4th July 2019

Central London


This timely seminar will examine the development of the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF).

It will be an opportunity to consider the findings from the ongoing consultation on proposals set out by Research England for the design and implementation of the KEF. Discussion will also draw on lessons from the pilot exercise, which was commissioned by Research England in order to test and refine proposals, and is currently being conducted by 21 institutions, to consider the methodology of the KEF.

Delegates will address how far the KEF promotes good practice and encourages diverse form of knowledge exchange. They will also discuss how the KEF could be modified to better aid businesses looking for university partners as well as the link between the KEF and funding decisions. This comes as Research England announced that the link to funding would be revisited as part of the evaluation of the pilot exercise.

Further sessions will consider how far the proposed metrics effectively measure the seven ‘perspectives’ outlined, which include research partnerships, working with business, and IP and commercialisation, and how the clusters may be revised to better support fair and meaningful comparisons. We also expect discussion evaluating the new approach to presentation of results, using interactive dashboards with institutions assigned decile ranks for individual perspectives. 

Keynote Speaker

Alice Frost

Director of Knowledge Exchange, Research England

Keynote Speakers

Alice Frost

Director of Knowledge Exchange, Research England

Dr Joe Marshall

Chief Executive, National Centre for Universities and Business


Lorna Colquhoun

RIS Director, University of Southampton

Mark Samuels

Chief Business and Strategy Officer, Medicines Discovery Catapult

Tamsin Mann

Head of Policy, Praxis Auril

Matthew Guest

Policy Manager, Knowledge Exchange & Industrial Strategy, GuildHE