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Growing the hydrogen economy in the UK - policy and market development, commercialisation and scaling up, and readying infrastructure

Morning, Wednesday, 27th April 2022

This conference will provide an opportunity to discuss priorities and next steps for growing the hydrogen economy in the UK.

It takes place in the context of the UK Hydrogen Strategy, and decarbonisation goals set out in the Sixth Carbon Budget and Net Zero Strategy.

Delegates will consider what is needed to develop the supply chain, as well as investment and commercialisation, alongside the practicalities of scaling up long-term supply and supporting increased production, storage, distribution and use, whilst addressing the cost gap between hydrogen and fossil fuels.

We are pleased to be able to include keynote contributions from Antony Green, Hydrogen Director, Gas Transmission, National Grid, James Richardson, Chief Economist, National Infrastructure Commission; and a senior speaker confirmed from BEIS.

The conference will also be an opportunity to discuss a number of key measures due to be released in early 2022 to support deployment and investment including a Hydrogen Sector Development Action Plan; the Net Zero Hydrogen Fund; a UK standard for low carbon hydrogen; and the Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 competition.

Overall, the agenda is structured to bring out the latest thinking on:

  • the Hydrogen Strategy - support for R&D and commercialisation, integration into the energy mix, role in decarbonisation plans, and achieving the sector’s economic potential
  • implementation - developing production, distribution, storage and use, plus business models, strategic planning, scaling up, and addressing the fossil fuels cost gap
  • market and regulatory frameworks - as well as relationships with the wider energy system
  • partnerships and growth - collaboration to support innovation, and development of international hydrogen markets and export opportunities

Keynote Speakers

James Richardson

Chief Economist, National Infrastructure Commission

Antony Green

Hydrogen Director, Gas Transmission, National Grid

Keynote Speakers

Senior speaker confirmed from BEIS

James Richardson

Chief Economist, National Infrastructure Commission

Antony Green

Hydrogen Director, Gas Transmission, National Grid


Jayne Harrold

Director, PWC

Dr Jenifer Baxter

Director, Innovation and Policy and Head of Protium Wales, Protium Green Solutions

Professor Nilay Shah

Professor of Process Systems Engineering, Imperial College London

Chris Train

Green Gas Champion, Energy Networks Association

Dr Sarah Deasley

Director, Frontier Economics

Lord Oates

Liberal Democrats Spokesperson, Energy and Climate Change, House of Lords; and Vice Chair, Net Zero All-Party Parliamentary Group

Ross Fairley

Partner, Burges Salmon

Katharine Palmer

Shipping Lead, High level Climate Champion, UNFCCC

Dr Tiancun Xiao

Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford

Dr Robert Howarth

Professor of Ecology & Environmental Biology, Cornell University; Co-Editor in Chief, OLAR, the Journal of Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Research