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Developing major infrastructure projects across the UK - planning, investment, and implementing the National Infrastructure Strategy

Morning, Tuesday, 23rd June 2020


*** Full-scale policy conference taking place online ***

This conference will assess the next steps for UK infrastructure, and the way forward for developing major projects and implementing the National Infrastructure Strategy.

Areas for discussion:

Areas for discussion include:

  • Long-term planning for a national infrastructure pipeline - assessing policy mechanisms for speeding up delivery and reducing costs, mobilising key sectors, and tying together projects in a national context;
  • Delivering the National Infrastructure Strategy and addressing key challenges - regulatory predictability and setting guidance for industry, leveraging and supporting delivery partners, and prioritising environmental sustainability in line with long term government policy;
  • Levelling up UK regions - modernising national infrastructure and to address economic growth imbalances, building capacity and connectivity, and unlocking local productivity; and
  • Investment and finance - the future of alternative mechanisms such as the regulated asset base (RAB) model, sourcing private and public investment, and delivering value for taxpayer money.

Developments that are relevant to the discussion:

It takes place with:

  • The Spring Budget and new investment commitments for UK infrastructure, including £27bn for strategic roads £4.2bn for city region transport schemes, £10.9bn for new housing development, and £5bn for improving internet speed and access;
  • The forthcoming National Infrastructure Strategy, which will outline Government priorities for modernising rail, road, energy, housing and digital infrastructure, regional and city connectivity and climate resilience;
  • The Planning White Paper expected to be released later this year, which is expected to simplify the planning process and help accelerate housing delivery across the UK;
  • The closed Infrastructure Finance Review consultation, and discussion around the future of project funding mechanisms following the ban on the use of PFI and PF2, and how public funding and private finance can be utilised at the lowest cost to the taxpayer;
  • Commitments to level up UK regions through infrastructure development and unlocking economic growth, with High-Speed rail 2 and £5bn of new bus funding for enhancing transport connectivity, and a forthcoming planning white paper for simplifying the planning process.

The agenda:

  • Developing a long-term plan for national infrastructure, and assessing priorities for delivering the Infrastructure Strategy;
  • Key issues for infrastructure modernisation and reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 - building climate resilience, low-carbon project delivery, and retaining cost effectiveness;
  • Assessing practical challenges for the National Infrastructure Strategy, and for preparing UK industry - delivery capability, setting guidance, and the role of key sectors;
  • Priorities for reducing economic divides, levelling up UK regions, and developing connected infrastructure:
    • Designing a planning system for efficient project delivery - clear guidance, accelerating approval processes, and leveraging local support and engagement;
    • Improving transport infrastructure capacity across the UK, and unlocking connectivity and economic development;
    • Long-term approaches to regional infrastructure development, and growing local capabilities in delivery; and
    • Deploying UK digital infrastructure, improving business opportunities and services, and reducing barriers to rollout.
  • Next steps for funding infrastructure projects - innovation in finance models and ensuring projects are value for money; and
  • Tying together UK infrastructure projects and delivering the infrastructure Strategy.

Policy officials attending

Our forums are known for attracting strong interest from policymakers and stake holders. 

It’s certainly the case with this one. Places have been reserved by officials from the the House of Commons and officials from the BEISDepartment for International TradeDepartment for TransportGovernment Legal DepartmentInfrastructure and Projects AuthorityMHCLG and the Welsh Government

This is a full-scale conference taking place online***

  • speakers presenting via webcam, accompanied by slides if they wish
  • opportunities for delegate questions and comments
  • a permanent record of the proceedings will be made available to all delegates afterwards, including a recording of the addresses, all slides that have been made available, and further materials

Full information and guidance on how to take part will be sent to delegates before the conference

Keynote Speaker

Stephen Dance

Director of Infrastructure Delivery, Infrastructure and Projects Authority


Hannah Vickers

Chief Executive, Association for Consultancy and Engineering

Senior speaker confirmed from the ICE

Nathan Marsh

Chief Digital Officer, Costain

Senior speaker confirmed from Burges Salmon