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Next steps for enhancing cyber resilience in the UK

Morning, Tuesday, 18th June 2024

This conference will examine priorities for supporting and enhancing cybersecurity capabilities in the UK, and next steps for improving resilience.

It is bringing together stakeholders and policymakers to assess the capabilities of the public and private sectors in mitigating against cybersecurity threats as the Science, Innovation and Technology Committee conducts its inquiry into the cyber resilience of the UK’s critical national infrastructure.

Delegates will consider issues surrounding accountability and awareness of cybersecurity measures, methods for providing assurance of cyber-readiness, the way forward for threat detection and identification of supply chain risks, and the relationship between geopolitics and cybersecurity.

It will be an opportunity to examine the potential of cybersecurity as an enabler of economic growth following DSIT’s announcement of the independent McPartland Review. Areas for discussion include options for building confidence in technology and digitisation, priorities for supporting businesses in the adoption of best practice, and the way forward for minimising cybersecurity costs.

Discussion will also focus on the design, implementation and potential uptake of the draft Cyber Governance Code of Practice, assessing the risks and benefits of a cyber-assurance process, while DSIT considers stakeholder views. 

Further areas for discussion include the implications of emerging technology and AI on cyber defence, and potential use cases as cybersecurity swords and shields. Delegates will examine what is needed to tackle the skills gap and improve diversity in the cyber workforce, as well as assessing next steps for widening the talent pool moving forward.

We are pleased to be able to include a keynote session with a senior speaker confirmed from the UK Cyber Security Council.

Discussion in the agenda includes:

  • issues and developments: the state of cybersecurity in the UK - National Cyber Strategy 2022 progress - priorities going forward - key areas for innovation strengthening and cyber capabilities
  • critical national infrastructure: maximising resilience - threat detection and identifying supply chain risk issues - response to cyber attacks - governance and best practice
  • key enablers: widening cyber literacy - support for investment and implementation by organisations and individuals - building trust in technology and digitisation - tackling skills gaps
  • policy and regulation: design, implementation and uptake of a Cyber Governance Code of Practice - opportunities for cybersecurity as an enabler of economic growth

Keynote Speaker

Senior speaker confirmed from UK Cyber Security Council


Peter Connolly

Chief Executive Officer, Toro Solutions

Carla Baker

Senior Director, Public Policy UK & Ireland, Palo Alto Networks