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Priorities for building safety in the UK

Morning, Tuesday, 30th January 2024

This conference will look at next steps for the future of building safety.

It will bring together policymakers and stakeholders to assess building safety reform following the passing of the Building Safety Act 2022, which introduced a new building safety regime in October 2023, including changes to regulation affecting higher-risk buildings.

Delegates will examine the way forward for using funding announced by the Government to support the delivery of building safety updates and to tackle legacy issues within public buildings, such as RAAC and asbestos.

They will discuss best practice for creating and implementing collaborative strategy frameworks for key bodies - including local authorities, landlords, developers and fire safety regulators - to provide support and protection for residents, as well as ensuring suitable accountability measures are in place.

Further sessions look at implications for new building development, including the design, construction, completion and management of properties.

Delegates will assess what will be needed from regulation, and within the sectors involved, to ensure compliance with standards in ways that support safety and environmental priorities, investment, innovation, cost management and affordability. Discussion will also consider equitably addressing potential added costs within the system, and serving the interests of business, local authority and private end users.

We are pleased to be able to include a keynote session with Tim Galloway, Deputy Director, Building Safety Programme, Health and Safety Executive.

Overall, areas for discussion include:

  • Policy and regulation: the building safety landscape following the Building Safety Act 2022 - the legacy of Grenfell - priorities and next steps
  • Implementation: preparation for regulatory changes - legacy issues for existing buildings - addressing costs and liability for fire safety - risk management - resident and other end user priorities
  • Public buildings: RAAC and asbestos - refurbishment - costs and practicalities - priorities moving forward 
  • New developments: accountability in the design and development process - client duties - Mandatory New Home Build Warranties - cost inflation and burden

Keynote Speaker

Tim Galloway

Deputy Director, Building Safety Programme, Health and Safety Executive


Professor Anna Stec

Professor in Fire Chemistry and Toxicity, University of Central Lancashire

Jon Pagan

Head of Technical, Kiwa Fire Safety Compliance

Colin Blatchford-Brown

Director, Blatchford Brown