Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum

Future prospects for the water market and development towards PR19

Morning, Thursday, 14th June 2018

Sixty One Whitehall, London SW1A 2ET


Following the recent release of Ofwat’s final methodology for Price Review 2019 (PR19), delegates at this seminar will discuss the next steps for water market reform and look at the expectations and requirements for companies preparing their business plans for September 2018.

They will also discuss potential concerns relating to PR19, such as the scope of regulatory change and issues surrounding the finance of future projects as well as opportunities for the sector to engage in the regulatory process.

Planned sessions assess further options for reform and look at what more the sector can do to reduce costs for the consumer, as well as additional steps that can be taken to improve competition, attract investment, and encourage new entrants into the market.

The agenda also examines ways to develop resilience in the water network, with long-term challenges around sustainability and climate change, and for fostering innovation.

Guest of Honour

David Black

Senior Director, Water 2020, Ofwat

Guest of Honour

David Black

Senior Director, Water 2020, Ofwat

Keynote Speakers

Dr Sebastian Catovsky

Deputy Director, Water Services, Defra

Steve Robertson

Chief Executive Officer, Thames Water


Baroness McIntosh of Pickering

Co-Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Water

Angela Smith MP

Co-Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Water


Dr Ana Mijic

Senior Lecturer, Urban Water Management, Imperial College London

John Reynolds

Chief Executive Officer, Castle Water

Richard Laikin

UK Water Sector Leader, PwC

Tony Smith

Chief Executive, Consumer Council for Water

Nicci Russell

Managing Director, Waterwise

Bryan Harvey

Vice President, Utilities, Europe, Jacobs

Paul Hammett

National Specialist in Water Resources, NFU