Westminster Education Forum

Priorities for teacher retention and development - support, quality and leadership

Morning, Thursday, 26th April 2018

Central London


Please note the date of this seminar has changed.

This timely seminar will assess next steps for improving teacher retention and development in England - bringing together policymakers with education professionals and further stakeholders.

It takes place in the context of the DfE’s launch of their consultation on how to improve progression opportunities, ensure that NQTs embed skills and knowledge from ITT and support teachers at the beginning of their careers; the Public Accounts Committee recently published report which found that the number of teachers in secondary schools has dropped by 4.9% between 2010 and 2016; the launch of the Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund to support high-quality professional development for teachers and school leaders in DfE Opportunity Areas and Ofsted’s annual report highlighting issues around unstable leadership, high staff turnover and difficulty with recruitment in schools which are consistently not improving.

Key areas for discussion:

Teacher development and support

  • Priorities for strengthening development pathways for teachers and school leaders;
  • Steps that can be taken to strengthen leadership standards and inspire future school leaders and governors;
  • Opportunities for technology to increase workload efficiency; and
  • Addressing key challenges to improving teacher wellbeing and providing support for teachers with mental health issues.

Recruitment and retention

  • Assessing the future role for teacher housing schemes in supporting recruitment and retention; and
  • Case studies of localised approaches to improving teacher recruitment and retention.
  • Evaluating findings from the NAO Retaining and developing the teaching workforce report - which called into question the effectiveness of Government efforts to improve teacher retention and quality.


Guests of Honour

Mark Parrett

Audit Manager, National Audit Office

Gareth Conyard

Deputy Director, Teacher Workforce Development, Department for Education

Guests of Honour

Mark Parrett

Audit Manager, National Audit Office

Gareth Conyard

Deputy Director, Teacher Workforce Development, Department for Education

Keynote Speaker

Valentine Mulholland

Head of Policy, NAHT


Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP


Helen Manley

Senior Adviser - Curriculum, Teaching and Leadership, Cambridgeshire County Council

Dr Kate Chhatwal

Chief Executive, Challenge Partners

Stephen Jones

Regional Director (South), Ambition School Leadership

Dr Penny Barratt

Executive Headteacher, The Bridge London

Reuben Moore

Director of Leadership, Teach First

Dr George Madine

Associate Lecturer in Human Resource Management, University of Bradford

Dr Sarah Younie

Professor of Education Innovation, De Montfort University

Judith Hicks

Head of Inspiring Governance, National Governance Association

Nansi Ellis

Assistant General Secretary (Education, Policy and Research), ATL Section, National Education Union

Bea Stevenson

Head of Social and Emotional Learning, Family Links

Jack Worth

Senior Economist, NFER