Westminster Education Forum

Implementing the Prevent duty and teaching British values - key issues for schools, colleges and communities

Morning, Tuesday, 9th May 2017

Congress Centre, 28 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS


Assessing the progress of the Government’s attempts to counter extremism amongst young people, following the introduction of a statutory duty for schools and FE colleges under the Prevent Strategy in September 2015, this seminar will bring together key stakeholders from across the education and local government sectors.

Policymakers and stakeholders will examine the progress to date of the Prevent Strategy in schools and colleges, in light of concerns from the teaching profession regarding the guidance given to schools and the Joint Committee on Human Rights’ Counter-Extremism report, published in July 2016, which called for an independent review of the programme. Attendees will also discuss the role of local authorities in implementing the strategy, as well as the impact so far of Ofsted’s inspection of schools’ counter-extremism arrangements.

Further planned sessions will discuss challenges and ways forward for fostering open debate within communities and for schools in promoting British values. They will consider examples of best practice from local authorities and schools, and issues for implementing the guidance on British values in communities with varying needs, in light of a reported increase in hate crimes in the wake of the EU referendum.


Yasmin Alibhai-Brown


Frances Bestley

Programme Director, Rights Respecting Schools, UNICEF

Rocio Cifuentes

Director, Ethnic Youth Support Team

Dr David Lundie

Associate Professor of Education, University of St Mark and St John

Jonathan Birdwell

Head of Policy and Research, Institute for Strategic Dialogue

Will Gardner

Chief Executive Officer, Childnet

Miriam Bentley-Rose

Director of Learning, Filigi

Inam Laher

Assistant Headteacher, Carlton Bolling College, West Yorkshire

Andrew Moffat

Assistant Headteacher, Parkfield Community School, West Midlands

Lowell Williams

Principal, Dudley College

Alex Kenny

Executive Member, NUT

Adrian Kneeshaw

Headteacher, Carlton Bolling College, West Yorkshire

Razia Butt

Schools Resilience Adviser, Birmingham City Council

Talha Ahmad

Member, National Council, Muslim Council of Britain

Mohammed Ashfaq

Managing Director, KIKIT Pathways to Recovery

Councillor Tamoor Tariq

Cabinet Member for Communities, Bury Council