Westminster Education Forum

The next steps for school resource management - policy support, leadership and management, and developing procurement best practice

Morning, Tuesday, 26th March 2019

Central London


This timely conference focuses on resource management in schools at a time of constrained budgets.

Delegates will assess the effectiveness of support for school leaders being put in place by Government, and priorities for how it is delivered and directed going forward.

The agenda also looks at procurement, resource management, and developing relevant leadership and management structures - bringing out latest thinking on best practice and new approaches.

Sessions will look at initiatives to develop the management of the school workforce and their workload, reduce procurement costs in areas such as recruitment and standard frequent purchases, and improving collaboration between schools on managing costs - which are all areas of focus for the Department for Education’s strategy for supporting school resource management.

Delegates will discuss the implementation of the strategy and the Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning model, as well as practical ways forward including opportunities for collaboration both in terms of procurement and expertise in driving forward standards in resource management - and how school leaders can be supported in implementing these changes.

It takes place with the Education and Skills Funding Agency extending its School Resource Management Advisers (SRMAs) pilot programme to August 2020, with the appointment of nine separate organisations involved in recruitment and management.

Further sessions look at the creation of supportive management structures and cultures within schools and the implementation of effective training and focused development priorities for staff - as well as what can be learnt from other models of leadership outside of education.

Keynote Speaker

Tony Foot

Director, Education Funding Group, Department for Education

Keynote Speakers

Tony Foot

Director, Education Funding Group, Department for Education

Claire Benham

Commercial Director, Department for Education


Wera Hobhouse MP

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Housing, Communities and Local Government


Julie Sowerby

Director, Avec Partnerships

Caroline Wright

Director General, British Educational Suppliers Association

Hayley Dunn

Business Leadership Specialist, ASCL

Stephen Morales

Chief Executive Officer, Institute of School Business Leadership

Rowena Hackwood

Chief Executive Officer, David Ross Education Trust

Sandra Appleby

Headteacher, Greenfields Primary School and Nursery, Northamptonshire

Louise Cooper

Chief Executive Officer, Governors for Schools