Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum

Policy priorities for food in schools and early years settings: standards, education and funding

Tuesday, 27th June 2017

Central London


Alongside wider moves to reduce childhood obesity levels, this seminar will assess next steps for policymakers, educators, parents, local councils and suppliers working together to deliver healthy school and early years environments across England.

It takes place ahead of a new Ofsted-monitored voluntary healthy rating scheme for primary schools being introduced from September 2017 - as set out in the Government's obesity plan - which will assess how well schools promote and support pupil’s knowledge of healthy eating.

Sessions will examine the priorities for the Department for Education when updating the School Food Standards 2015 in light of refreshed government dietary recommendations, as well as how to ensure academies and free schools also demonstrate a clear commitment to compliance.

Further sessions will consider the possibility of introducing auto-registration for free school meals, with opposition MPs calling for an amendment to the new Digital Economy Bill, to ensure all qualifying low-income families benefit from this entitlement, as well as options for reducing the number of fast food outlets in close proximity to schools such as capping planning permissions or limiting offsite access for students during school hours.

Guest of Honour

Linda Cregan

Chief Executive Officer, Children’s Food Trust and Co-Chair, School Food Plan Alliance

Guest of Honour

Linda Cregan

Chief Executive Officer, Children’s Food Trust and Co-Chair, School Food Plan Alliance


Lord Storey

Liberal Democrat Lords Spokesperson, Education

Sharon Hodgson MP

Shadow Minister, Public Health and Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on School Food


Elizabeth Carruthers

Executive Head of Centre, Redcliffe Nursery School, Bristol

Stephanie Wood

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, School Food Matters

Amena Warner

Head of Clinical Services, Allergy UK

Sara Jayne Stanes

Chief Executive, The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts and Chief Executive, Adopt a School Trust

Callum Kidd

Headteacher, Carr Hill Primary School, Tyne and Wear

Tracy Lynch

Foundation Manager, Greggs Foundation

Jason O'Rourke

Headteacher, Washingborough Academy, Lincolnshire

Carmel McConnell

Chief Executive and Founder, Magic Breakfast

Emma Williams

Executive Director, PTA UK