Westminster Media Forum

Research, innovation and the Creative Industries Sector Deal: priorities, collaboration and funding

Morning, Thursday, 22nd November 2018

Central London


This seminar will assess progress and next steps for implementing key policies around research and innovation in the Creative Industries Sector Deal.

Delegates will discuss priorities and next steps for the recently launched Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre to be led by Nesta and University partners, the way ahead for building R&D partnerships between universities and businesses, and investment in immersive experiences and the development of best creative practice through the Audience of the Future Challenge, as well as consider what further business support might be needed to deliver sector growth.

Attendees will examine priorities for the development of a future research agenda to address key sectoral challenges - including identifying research and evidence gaps, fostering innovation across sectors, and improving links between creative industry institutions, the UK’s innovation framework and policymakers.

Key stakeholders and policymakers will also assess the extent to which the priorities set out in the DCMS Areas of Research Interest meet the needs of the sector, how they might best be delivered to support policy development, and how outcomes can effectively be measured.

Further sessions will look at key issues around supporting innovation in the development of content, products and services - including access to R&D funding, collection and use of data, translating research into marketable products, and improving the interface between technology and creativity - and positioning the UK as a global innovation hub.

Guest of Honour

Tom Fiddian

Innovation Lead, Creative Economy, Innovate UK

Keynote Speakers

Andrew Chitty

Creative Economy Champion, Arts Humanities Research Council and Professor, Creative and Digital Economy, Royal Holloway, University of London

Eliza Easton

Principal Policy Researcher, Nesta and Head of Policy Unit, Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre

Tom Fiddian

Innovation Lead, Creative Economy, Innovate UK


Ian Merricks

Chair, The Accelerator Network and Managing Partner, White Horse Capital

Sarah Ellis

Head of Digital Development, Royal Shakespeare Company

Shaun Allan

Director of Immersive Technologies, Hedgehog Lab

Sarah Thirtle

Director of Business Support Programmes, Creative United

Professor Chris Speed

Chair of Design Informatics, Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh

Evelyn Wilson

Director, The Culture Capital Exchange

Evelyn Wilson

Founding Director, The Culture Capital Exchange

Professor Marian Ursu

Chair, Interactive Media, Department of Theatre, Film and Television and Co-Director, Digital Creativity Labs, University of York