Westminster Health Forum

The future for regenerative medicine and advanced therapies

Morning, Tuesday, 17th April 2018

Central London


This conference will consider the future for regenerative medicine and advanced therapies - examining key issues for the UK’s research infrastructure, regulatory environment and appraisal processes, and the challenges for responding to Brexit.

Delegates will assess the potential impact of key measures from the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy, and the Government’s announcement of increased investment into biomedical research.                                           

It also follows the Commons Science and Technology Committee inquiry into Regenerative Medicine, which focused on the challenges for increasing the adoption of advanced therapies in the NHS - and called for the introduction of a fast-track appraisal process, the creation of new reimbursement payment models and the alignment of policy with the development of a personalised and genomic medicine strategy.

Further sessions will consider priorities for manufacturers and the advanced therapies supply chain - looking at the Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership’s Advanced Therapies Manufacturing Action Plan. Attendees will also discuss opportunities for aligning the regulatory work of NICE and MHRA through a one-stop shop, the next steps for improving access to regenerative medicine in the NHS, and the challenges for implementing the Accelerated Access Review and for addressing ethical concerns in regenerative medicine.

Guest of Honour

Professor Sir Michael Rawlins

Chair, MHRA

Guest of Honour

Professor Sir Michael Rawlins

Chair, MHRA

Keynote Speakers

Dr Andrew Hadley

General Manager, Specialist Services, NHS Blood and Transplant

Dr Arthur Roach

Director of Research, Parkinson’s UK

Professor Antonio Pagliuca

National Clinical Lead for Regenerative Medicine, NHS England; Consultant Haematologist, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Professor of Stem Cell Transplantation, King’s College London

Dr Amy Thomas

Head of Regulatory Development, Human Tissue Authority


Dr Jacqueline Barry

Chief Clinical Officer, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

Dr Rob Buckle

Chief Science Officer, Medical Research Council and Director, UK Regenerative Medicine Platform

Hugh Whittall

Director, Nuffield Council on Bioethics

Dr Emily Culme-Seymour

Clinical Development Scientist, Gene Therapy, Rare Diseases Unit, R&D, GSK

Dr Nick Crabb

Programme Director, Scientific Affairs, NICE

Ian Rees

Manager, Inspectorate Strategy and Innovation Unit, MHRA