Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum

The future of rail services in the UK - investment, modernisation and devolution

Morning, Tuesday, 10th July 2018

Central London


This seminar will be a timely opportunity to discuss the priorities for rail passenger services across the UK.

Delegates will assess likely impact of the Government’s planned investment into smart ticketing across the UK and the challenges for replacing paper tickets on UK trains by the beginning of 2019, as well as considering the steps that might be taken to modernise passenger rail services in the UK - such as the proposed introduction of 5G onto rail services nationwide.

They will also discuss the priorities for regional governance and management of rail services, with a particular focus on TfN’s proposed plans for Northern Powerhouse Rail to improve connections across the region.

The seminar is also expected to follow the ORR’s draft determination of the funding arrangements for Network Rail funding for CP6 and attendees will examine the possible incentives needed to encourage effective performance and delivery.

Further sessions will discuss the challenges for better meeting the needs of rail passengers - looking at the quality, price, and reliability of rail services; the future for the franchise system; and the priorities for addressing key issues relating to the rail workforce - including industrial relations.  

Guest of Honour

Joanna Whittington

Chief Executive Officer, Office of Rail and Road

Guest of Honour

Joanna Whittington

Chief Executive Officer, Office of Rail and Road

Keynote Speaker

David Waboso

Managing Director, Group Digital Railway, Network Rail


Lord Berkeley

Chairman, Rail Freight Group


David Sidebottom

Transport User Director, Transport Focus

Maggie Simpson

Executive Director, Rail Freight Group

Steve Wakeland

Chief Executive Officer, ITSO