Westminster Health Forum

Next steps for personalised healthcare - priorities for the new strategy, learning from the IPC pilots and expanding personal health budgets

Morning, Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

Central London


This seminar will assess next steps for personalised healthcare in England, with the Government consulting on widening personal health budgets and integrated personal budgets.

It will be an opportunity to discuss the potential impact of key measures from the NHS personalised care strategy due to be published later this year, which will set out NHS England’s plans for expanding and sustaining personalised healthcare.

Delegates will consider priorities for implementing the strategy and the future role for social prescribing, co-production, and patient choice in the Government’s plans for the future of personalised care - as well as further steps that might be taken in this area.

Following the Government’s commitment to expand Integrated Personal Commissioning and PHBs to between 50,000 and 100,000 people by March 2021, the seminar will also provide an opportunity to assess their contribution so far in enhancing care and the quality of life.

Attendees will consider what more might be done to develop the evidence base on the impact of PHBs, how budgets have been used and the extent to which this has been successful, as well as who should be eligible in the future and what further steps might be taken to improve safeguarding arrangements for budget holders.

Further sessions will examine the early findings from the IPC pilot programmes rolled out in 18 areas across England - focusing in particular on progress so far, funding and access, and how these might inform further roll-outs moving forward.

Guest of Honour

James Sanderson

Director of Personalised Care, NHS England

Guest of Honour

James Sanderson

Director of Personalised Care, NHS England


Baroness Cumberlege

Independent Chair, National Maternity Review, NHS England


Graham Thom

Lead Investigator IPC Evaluation and Managing Director, SQW

Richard Pantlin

Independent Consultant, Social Care & Health Systems

Martin Ellis

Director, Primary and Out of Hospital Care, NHS Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group

Jennie Walker

Head of Personalised Care, PHBs and Midlands and the East, NHS England

Julie Stansfield

Chief Executive, In Control

Professor Graeme Betts

Corporate Director, Adult Social Care and Health, Birmingham City Council

Dr Karen Jones

Assistant Director, Personal Social Services Research Unit and Senior Research Fellow, University of Kent

Sarah Woodhouse

Lived Experience Advisor, Personalised Care Group, NHS England

Carolyn Nice

Lead for IPC and Assistant Director, Adult Frailty and Long Term Conditions, Lincolnshire County Council

Jeremy Hughes

Chief Executive Officer, Alzheimer’s Society

Councillor Matthew Winnington

Cabinet Member for Health, Wellbeing and Social Care, Portsmouth City Council