Westminster Health Forum

Patient records and IT in the NHS - next steps for data protection, cyber security and innovation

Morning, Thursday, 13th September 2018

Central London


This seminar will be a timely opportunity to consider next steps for data protection, cyber security and patient records in the NHS.

Delegates will assess further measures to upgrade cyber security in the NHS to implement the EU directive on the security of Networks and Information Systems (the NIS Directive), as well lessons to be learnt from last year’s WannaCry attack - with the Government recently announcing plans for a further £150m to improve the NHS’s resilience against attacks over the next three years.

There will also be discussion on key issues for the Data Protection Bill currently going through Parliament, and how well NHS organisations are complying with EU GDPR legislation to ensure data security standards are upheld.

The seminar follows the Prime Minister’s recent announcement that the UK will use data, artificial intelligence and innovation to transform outcomes of people with chronic diseases as part of the AI and Data Grand Challenge.

Further sessions focus on progress of Local Digital Roadmaps in achieving the Government’s commitment to interoperable paperless care by 2020, the potential for data analytics to improve population health outcomes, and the role of clinicians, Chief Information Officers and other NHS staff in supporting patients and driving innovation.

Guest of Honour

Dr Paul Rice

Head of Technology Strategy, NHS England

Guest of Honour

Dr Paul Rice

Head of Technology Strategy, NHS England

Keynote Speakers

Kate Warriner

Healthy Liverpool Digital Lead, Cheshire and Merseyside Sustainability and Transformation Partnership

Ian MacIntyre

Head of Digital, NHS Leadership Academy


Daniel Zeichner MP

Member, House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Data Protection Bill


Professor Maureen Baker

Chair, Professional Record Standards Body and former Chair, RCGP

Hazel Grant

Partner and Head of Privacy, Security and Information, FieldFisher

Phil Booth

Coordinator, medConfidential

Jignesh Patel

Pharmacist and Independent Prescriber, Rohpharm Pharmacy

Dr Masood Nazir

National Clinical Lead, Digital Transformation, NHS England and SRO/Chief Clinical Information Officer, Your Care Connected Programme