Westminster eForum

Next steps for monetising digital content - revenue models, value exchange and options for intervention

Morning, Thursday, 13th December 2018

Central London


This timely seminar will consider the latest developments in the monetisation of digital content - including growth areas, monetisation challenges and strategies, and whether intervention is needed in securing fair and sustainable systems of value exchange.

Planned sessions will examine content monetisation as it currently stands - including key challenges facing a range of sectors, the latest developments in monetisation models, and the overall impact on consumers and audiences.

Taking place in the context of the government’s review on the sustainability of local media, with particular emphasis on how well the sector is adapting to digital marketplaces, further sessions focus on questions around value exchange and fair remuneration for creators and IP owners, as well as considering options for policy intervention.

Keynote Speakers

Matt Rogerson

Head of Public Policy, Guardian Media Group

Mimi Turner

Chief Marketing Officer (Consulting), Wireless Group and Brand Strategist, Mimi Turner Associates


Dr Jo Twist

Chief Executive Officer, Ukie