Westminster Education Forum

Secondary school accountability in England: impact of reform and priorities for inspections

Morning, Tuesday, 6th March 2018

Central London


This seminar examines the impact of accountability reform on schools and pupils at secondary level in England, and priorities for school inspections.

It will bring together key policymakers and stakeholders from across the education sector and is timed as Ofsted develops the new Common Inspection Framework for introduction in September 2019 and takes place in the context of the regulator's thematic review of the curriculum.

The conference has also been scheduled to follow the expected publication of Ofsted’s new strategic plan and expected response to the recent consultation on short inspections of good schools.

Delegates will discuss the implementation of Progress 8 (P8) so far and look at key challenges faced by schools such as questions over its purpose, the impact of the new floor standard introduced in January, and the role of the Attainment 8 measure for pupil progress.

They will also consider ongoing concerns surrounding the variation between pupils, school characteristics and geographical regions on P8 scores, and the impact of possible inspections for schools with a P8 score below -0.5 this year.

Further sessions look at the school inspection landscape, including the future position of the curriculum in inspections criteria and key issues surrounding inspection terminology, delivery and grading.

Guest of Honour

Luke Tryl

Director, Corporate Strategy, Ofsted

Guest of Honour

Luke Tryl

Director, Corporate Strategy, Ofsted


Bim Afolami MP

Lord Storey

House of Lords Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson


Emma Knights

Chief Executive, National Governance Association

Councillor Ray Gooding

Cabinet Member for Education, Essex County Council

Ruth Lowe

External Affairs Manager, PTA UK

Dr Fiona Hammans

Chief Executive Officer, Anthony Millard Consulting

Nick Brook

Deputy General Secretary, NAHT

Stephen Rollett

Inspections and Accountability Specialist, ASCL