Westminster Legal Policy Forum

The future for UK immigration policy

Thursday, 23rd March 2017

Central London


Following Government’s recently reaffirmed aims to reduce annual net migration to the tens of thousands, and in the context of the recent Brexit White Paper - which references intentions to bring forward an immigration bill - this timely conference will focus on future options for UK immigration policy.

Sessions are expected to focus on the regulation of EU and non-EU migration in the exit scenarios that are likely to follow withdrawal from the EU - with perspectives on how an evolving framework can effectively govern work, student and family routes of migration; the future for EU freedom of movement; and priorities for maintaining the UK’s economic growth and international competitiveness in key sectors.

In the context of Europe’s continuing migration crisis, and as UK policymakers consider options for cooperation with international partners post-Brexit, delegates will also consider challenges ahead for UK border controls, next steps for tackling irregular migration flows, as well as options for the UK’s asylum framework - including future involvement with the Common European Asylum System.

This conference is expected to bring together key policymakers with a range of stakeholders, including lawyers, local authorities, business groups, universities, colleges, campaign groups, economists and commentators, as well as representatives from national and trade press.

Guests of Honour

Diane Abbott MP

Shadow Home Secretary

Stuart McDonald MP Shadow SNP Spokesperson

Immigration, Asylum and Border Control and Member, Home Affairs Committee

Professor Alan Manning

Chair, Migration Advisory Committee

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PwC Legal

Guests of Honour

Professor Alan Manning

Chair, Migration Advisory Committee

Stuart McDonald MP

Shadow SNP Spokesperson, Immigration, Asylum and Border Control and Member, Home Affairs Committee

Diane Abbott MP

Shadow Home Secretary


Baroness Hamwee

Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson

Rt Hon the Baroness Prashar

Chair, EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee


Tom Hadley

Director of Policy and Professional Services, Recruitment & Employment Confederation

Councillor Paul Watkins

Leader, Dover District Council and Chairman, South East Strategic Partnership for Migration

Andrea Als

Solicitor and Senior Manager, PwC Legal

Alp Mehmet

Vice-Chairman, Migration Watch UK

Joy Elliott-Bowman

Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Independent Higher Education

Matthew Finn

Managing Director, AUGMENTIQ

Colin Yeo

Barrister, Garden Court Chambers

Fizza Qureshi

Director Designate, Migrants’ Rights Network

Cem Işık

Deputy Ambassador, Turkish Embassy in London