Policy Forum for London

Next steps for housing in London and the South East

Morning, Wednesday, 13th September 2017

Central London


This seminar will be a timely opportunity to assess policy priorities for housing in London, in light of the future development of the Mayor’s housing strategy.

Delegates will also consider how proposals outlined in the Housing White Paper - aiming to ‘ensure that more homes are built in the right places’ - will impact on stakeholders in the Capital, including local authorities, construction firms, developers, landlords and tenants.

Discussion will be further informed by the expected publication of guidelines from the Mayor regarding estate regeneration - and will take place in the context of the long-term review of the London Plan.

Further sessions will consider investment in housing, planning and development, and opportunities to develop the supply, affordability and quality of new and existing housing and accommodation in the Capital.

Guest of Honour

James Murray

Deputy Mayor, Housing and Residential Development, Mayor’s Office

Guest of Honour

James Murray

Deputy Mayor, Housing and Residential Development,

Keynote Speaker

Duncan Bowie

Senior Lecturer in Spatial Planning and Housing, University of Westminster


Andrew Boff AM

Chair, Housing Committee, London Assembly

Tom Copley AM

Deputy Chair, Housing Committee, London Assembly


James Stevens

Director for London and the Devolved Cities, Home Builders Federation

Julie Hirigoyen

Chief Executive, UK Green Building Council

Eloise Shepherd

Head of Housing and Planning, London Councils

Seb Klier

London Campaigns Manager, Generation Rent