Westminster Media Forum

The future for free-to-air in the UK - discoverability, investment and competition

Morning, Thursday, 21st June 2018

Central London


This timely seminar will consider the future for public service and free-to-air content in the UK in an increasingly complex and competitive media market.

It takes place as the BBC analyses the responses to its consultation on its draft policy for the distribution of UK public services, and will be an opportunity to consider key themes around competition and consolidation emerging from Ofcom’s report on the challenges facing Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) in the digital age.

Planned sessions will examine main issues around prominence and discoverability, the impact of innovation in technology and digital delivery, as well as the way forward for the development of creative and commercial partnerships with other broadcasters, platforms and the wider audio-visual sector.

Delegates will discuss the role of free-to-air in supporting the development and value of original content going forward - looking at the challenges for securing funding, attracting investment, improving diversity on and off screen, and promoting Britain’s cultural identity globally - as well as options for policy and regulation to foster fair competition and help safeguard free-to-air programming.

Guests of Honour

Ali Law

Head, UK Policy, Sky

Magnus Brooke

Director, Policy and Regulatory Affairs, ITV

Guests of Honour

Magnus Brooke

Director, Policy and Regulatory Affairs, ITV

Ali Law

Head, UK Policy, Sky

Keynote Speaker

Claire Enders

Founder, Enders Analysis


Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury

Liberal Democrats Spokesperson for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport


Arabella Page Croft

Founder and Producer, Black Camel Pictures

Colin Browne

Chairman, Voice of the Listener & Viewer

Professor Jeanette Steemers

Professor, Culture, Media & Creative Industries, King’s College London and Trustee, The Voice of the Listener and Viewer

Richard Lindsay-Davies

Chief Executive Officer, DTG

Anna Home

Chair, The Children's Media Foundation

Alex Towers

Director of Policy and Public Affairs, BT

David Cockram

Principal, Strategy & Policy, Ofcom

Sophie Jones

Head of Corporate Relations, Channel 4

John McVay

Chief Executive, Pact