Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum

Next steps for UK fisheries - trade, sustainability and policy

Morning, Thursday, 7th June 2018

Central London


This seminar will be an opportunity to assess the future for the UK’s fisheries post-Brexit - looking at priorities for policymakers, and key issues around trade and sustainability.

Delegates will consider the next steps priorities for trade, tariffs and quotas for the industry, following the announcement that the UK will remain in the Commons Fisheries Policy during the transition period until March 2020. Discussion will also take place on concerns regarding access to UK waters beyond Brexit, in light of Government plans to introduce a Fisheries Bill and the withdrawal from the London Fisheries Convention.

In the context of the Government’s Maritime 2050 consultation on a long-term strategy for the sector, and the EFRA Committee’s inquiry into how fisheries and seafood trading arrangements between the UK and the EU will affect the fishing industry and others, further sessions focus on sustainability, skills and interests across the sectors and communities of the UK involved in fishing.

Attendees will also discuss the challenges for developing the institutions and decision-making structures that will need to be set up as the UK leaves the EU, with the Government’s recent publication of the analysis on returning EU powers, which included fisheries management and support as part of the 24 policy areas that are expected to be temporarily retained by Westminster.

Delegates will also look at the sustainability and environmental priorities for domestic fisheries management going forward, including potential ways to meet the Government’s targets from the 25 Year Environment Plan to achieve ‘good’ environmental status whilst allowing marine industries to prosper.

Guests of Honour

Nigel Gooding

Head of Fisheries and Conservation, Defra

Anne Freeman

Deputy Director, Domestic Fisheries and Reform, Defra

Guests of Honour

Nigel Gooding

Head of Fisheries and Conservation, Defra

Anne Freeman

Deputy Director, Domestic Fisheries and Reform, Defra


Liz Saville Roberts MP

Vice Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Fisheries Group

David Duguid MP

Vice Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Fisheries Group


Mike Park

Chief Executive, The Scottish White Fish Producers Association

Shanker Singham

Director, International Trade and Competition Unit, Institute of Economic Affairs and former Advisor, United States Trade Representative and Department of Commerce (2009-2015)

Mike Hardy

Chief Executive, Northumberland Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority

Dr Bryce Stewart

Lecturer, University of York

Helen McLachlan

Fisheries Governance Programme Manager, WWF-UK

Andrew Kuyk

Director General, Provision Trade Federation

David Mundy

Partner and Parliamentary Agent, Bircham Dyson Bell

Barrie Deas

Chief Executive, National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations

Bertie Armstrong

Chief Executive, Scottish Fishermen’s Federation

Simen Svenheim

Counsellor for Trade and Fisheries, Royal Norwegian Embassy in London