Westminster eForum

Digital payments: adoption, innovation and policy priorities

Morning, Tuesday, 5th December 2017

Central London


This seminar will be a timely opportunity to examine latest developments in digital payment technologies and the implications for consumers, businesses and regulation.

With a new Parliament and as the UK begins to negotiate EU withdrawal, delegates will examine the regulatory and policy outlook for the payments sector, as well as key industry issues such as adoption, innovation in mobile and digital platforms, and building trust in digital services.

Areas for discussion include the implications of current consumer trends, mitigating costs for SMEs including through new business models and partnerships, trust and security, innovation and speed to market, developments in in-app and mobile, and the competitive landscape. They will also consider how the payments sector should be approaching advocacy on policy and regulation, including on trade, access to skills, GDPR and PSDII, and the long-term shape of the UK’s regulatory framework.

Guest of Honour

Jonathan Vaux

Executive Director, Innovation and Partnerships, Visa Europe

Guest of Honour

Jonathan Vaux

Executive Director, Innovation and Partnerships, Visa Europe

Keynote Speakers

Helen Doyle

Director of Research and Customer Policy, UK Finance

Craig Tillotson

Chief Executive, Faster Payments Scheme and Executive Chairman, Paym

Michael Chambers

Chief Executive Officer, Bacs Payment Schemes


Drew Hendry MP

Vice Chair, All Party Parliamentary Group for Digital Economy


Shadi Razak

Chief Technology Officer, CyNation

Tony Craddock

Director General, Emerging Payments Association

Ryan Farley

Chief Executive Officer, Judopay

Dr Windsor Holden

Head of Forecasting & Consultancy, Juniper Research

Chris Hill

Partner, Commercial Technology and Lead, Fintech, Kemp Little

John Howells

Chief Executive Officer, LINK Scheme