Westminster eForum

Data and the digital economy - consumer rights, commercial opportunities, and the future for policy and best practice

Morning, Thursday, 29th November 2018

Central London


This timely seminar will consider the future for how data is used in the digital economy as the UK government and the EU develop major policies on consumer protection and privacy.

The discussion will bring out latest thinking on consumer protection in relation to data, and how businesses can best navigate the fast-evolving regulatory landscape and develop sustainable models for best practice.

The conference is set against the backdrop of the major UK policy focus on ensuring that personal data is used for the benefit of consumers and not to disadvantage them, and the upcoming Smart Data review, announced as part of the Consumer Green Paper.

It also takes place in the context of further major policy developments in the UK and across Europe, as regulators assess the implementation and impact of GDPR, and next steps for its development, and with the EU moving forward with the ePrivacy Regulation.

Delegates at this conference will discuss the optimal way forward for policy and business practice affecting the interactions between the interests of consumers and businesses, and what it means for sectors across the UK economy.

The discussion is expected to bring out latest thinking on innovation in the treatment, handling and utilisation of data - looking at the future for digital marketing, and latest developments in AI, data analytics, and the personalisation of online offers and search engine results.

It also follows the UK Government’s announcement of a new Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation to promote the development of best practice for data usage across industry and the public sector, with planned discussion at this conference reflecting related issues in the areas of data protection and security, privacy, transparency and accountability.


Guest of Honour

Margot James MP

Minister for Digital and the Creative Industries, DCMS

Guest of Honour

Margot James MP

Minister for Digital and the Creative Industries, DCMS


James Edgar

Policy Partner, Digitisation, Which?

Rachel Aldighieri

Managing Director, DMA Group

Helen Proctor

Chief Counsel, Privacy, Security & Internet (UK), BT