Westminster Media Forum

The future for copyright and design rights policy - rights management, enforcement and the UK’s approach post-Brexit

Thursday, 22nd June 2017

Central London


This seminar will consider the future for UK copyright policy during and after the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, and lay out the priorities for the Intellectual Property Office.

Delegates will analyse options going forward for copyright legislation in the UK as it leaves the EU, and will examine the potential impact of any divergence between UK and EU copyright law on creative businesses, intermediaries and consumers, as well as consider how the UK can effectively use its new autonomy to mitigate the consequences of withdrawing from negotiations on a harmonized EU-level copyright framework.

Sessions will also examine the priorities for UK policymakers and industry for creating a strong independent copyright framework to meet the challenges facing copyright owners from technological advancement and digitisation of content and distribution channels, and for balancing consumer interests with creator reward in order to support growth in the UK digital and creative economies.

Guest of Honour

Ros Lynch

Director, Copyright and IP Enforcement, Intellectual Property Office

Guest of Honour

Ros Lynch

Director, Copyright and IP Enforcement, Intellectual Property Office

Keynote Speaker

Steve Rowan

Director, Tribunals, Trade Marks and Designs, Intellectual Property Office


Lord Bichard

Vice Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Design and Innovation Group and former Chair, Design Council

Lord Clement-Jones


Adam Kinsley

Director of Policy, Sky

James Bennett

Head of Rights and Licensing, Copyright Licensing Agency

Sarah Wright

Partner, Olswang

Kim Habraken

Vice President, Content Protection, Fox Entertainment Group

Susie Winter

Director of Policy and Communications, The Publishers Association

Dids Macdonald

Chief Executive Officer, Anti Copying in Design

Imogen Heap

Artist; Founder, Mycelia and Chief Executive Officer, Featured Artist Coalition

Martin Kretschmer

Professor of Intellectual Property Law and Director, CREATe Centre, School of Law, University of Glasgow

Ben White

Head of Intellectual Property, British Library

Stan McCoy

President and Managing Director, Motion Picture Association EMEA