Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum

Priorities for the National Adaptation Programme and addressing climate change

Morning, Tuesday, 10th October 2017

Central London


The seminar will assess the priorities for UK climate change adaptation and planning policy, as preparations are put in place for publication of the National Adaptation Programme (NAP) in 2018.

Delegates will discuss the current state of climate adaptation, prospects for the 2018 NAP and opportunities for Government to facilitate greater adaptation across the UK.

With the Government’s second Climate Change Risk Assessment endorsing the priority areas of the Adaptation Sub-Committee’s 2017 Risk Report, delegates will also discuss the next steps for protecting those sectors most at risk from climate change, with speaking contributions on water, health and the environment, as well as from devolved jurisdictions.

The seminar also comes with the publication of the Climate Change Committee’s 2017 Report to Parliament on the current state of climate change resilience and adaptation, highlighting significant infrastructure vulnerabilities and unresolved climate risks, declines in resilience and a greater need to track adaptation progress.

Attendees will discuss the key priorities for developing and supporting adaptation strategies; the challenges for improving the financing of adaptation and attracting investment; and the next steps for improving resilience in the UK, with discussion on the built environment, flood protection and digital infrastructure.

Guests of Honour

Baroness Brown of Cambridge

Sonia Phippard

Director General for Marine, Natural Environment and Rural, Defra

Guests of Honour

Sonia Phippard

Director General for Marine, Natural Environment and Rural, Defra

Baroness Brown of Cambridge

Keynote Speakers

Liz Parkes

Deputy Director, Climate Change and Business Services, Environment Agency

Speaker confirmed from The Scottish Government

Michael Sheren

Senior Advisor, Prudential Regulation Authority


Mary Creagh MP

Chair, Environmental Audit Committee


Richard Bramley

North East Representative, National Environment Forum, NFU

Dr Stephen Garvin

Director, Centre for Resilience, BRE

Simon Hughes

Head of Water Strategy, Planning and Assurance, Thames Water

Dr Jonathan Simm

Technical Director, HR Wallingford

Dr Nick Watts

Director, UK Health Alliance on Climate Change

Dr Mike Morecroft

Principal Specialist, Climate Change, Natural England

David Stainforth

Principal Research Fellow, Grantham Research Institute, LSE

Emma Fryer

Associate Director, Climate Change Programmes, techUK