Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum

Implementing the National Adaptation Programme, and priorities for climate change policy and practice in the UK

Morning, Thursday, 15th November 2018

Central London


This seminar is an opportunity to assess key priorities for UK adaptation to climate change.

Policymakers and stakeholders will discuss recommendations from the Climate Change Adaptation Sub-Committee, ahead of an official response from the CCC due in early 2019 and following the publication of the National Adaptation Programme (NAP).

Delegates will share latest thinking on climate change threats and guidance, and how economic and environmental challenges can be addressed and overcome.

With Scotland’s second five-year Adaptation Programme expected for publication in 2019, alternative strategic approaches will also be considered, with delegates examining best practice for engaging business, communities and other organisations.

Further sessions will assess the way forward for delivering resilience in the built and natural environment - looking at construction solutions for addressing weather vulnerability around rainfall, storms and flooding, engineering priorities for rail and track preparedness, and opportunities for enhancing cooperation with local authorities and urban planners.

Following the Environmental Audit Committee’s report Heatwaves: adapting to climate change, we also expect analysis of emerging challenges around high temperatures in the UK, potential threats to wellbeing and productivity, and responsibilities for preparations and mitigation.

Guest of Honour

Baroness Brown of Cambridge

Chair, Adaptation Sub-Committee, Committee on Climate Change

Guest of Honour

Baroness Brown of Cambridge

Chair, Adaptation Sub-Committee, Committee on Climate Change

Keynote Speakers

Dr Fiona Harrison

Deputy Director, Climate & Forestry, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Murray Birt

Vice President, Senior ESG Strategist, DWS

Clare Hamilton

Deputy Director, Decarbonisation Division, Directorate for Energy and Climate Change, The Scottish Government


Baroness Kate Parminter

House of Lords


Guy Smith

Deputy President, National Farmers’ Union

Liz Parkes

Deputy Director, Climate Change and Business Services, Environment Agency

Steven Wade

Associate Director, Climate and Resilience, Atkins

Lisa Constable

Head of Environment and Sustainable Development and Strategy Manager, Weather Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation, Network Rail

Dr Alison Holt

Director, Natural Capital Solutions

Robert Fell

Chief Executive, British Metals Recycling Association

Patrick Begg

Outdoors and Natural Resources Director, National Trust

Councillor David Ritchie

Cabinet Member, Planning and Coastal Management, Waveney District Council