Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum

Priorities for climate change in the UK: the National Adaptation Programme and next steps for policy and practice

Morning, Thursday, 15th November 2018

Central London


This seminar will provide a timely opportunity for delegates to analyse the recent publication of the National Adaptation Programme (NAP), following its release by Government, and will examine its key priorities for enhancing adaptation to climate change - and how best to meet objectives recommended by the Climate Change Adaptation Sub-Committee.

Discussion will focus on commitments within the NAP to address threats such as flood risk, public and environmental health, and the built environment - and how new  guidance might impact major stakeholders and interest groups - including those in agriculture, natural habitats and conservation, policymaking and industry - as well as emerging challenges and areas of responsibility.

Sessions will also look at strategies from across the UK and internationally to combat the threats of climate changes, and the lessons that can be learnt, as well as best practice in innovation and design.

Further sessions will discuss priorities for stakeholder collaboration and implementing adaptation resilience and preparedness across major sectors, considering the perspectives of businesses and their advisors, local government, environmental interests, and finance and infrastructure groups - as well as ways to improve cooperation between stakeholders and policymakers - and the policy guidance provided for meeting the objectives of the 25 Year Environment Plan.

Guest of Honour

Baroness Brown of Cambridge

Chair, Adaptation Sub-Committee, Committee on Climate Change

Guest of Honour

Baroness Brown of Cambridge

Chair, Adaptation Sub-Committee, Committee on Climate Change

Keynote Speaker

Dr Fiona Harrison

Deputy Director, Climate & Forestry, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs


Guy Smith

Deputy President, National Farmers’ Union

Liz Parkes

Deputy Director, Climate Change and Business Services, Environment Agency

Dr Alison Holt

Director, Natural Capital Solutions

Robert Fell

Chief Executive, British Metals Recycling Association

Patrick Begg

Outdoors and Natural Resources Director, National Trust

Councillor David Ritchie

Chairman, Suffolk Coast Forum, Cabinet Member, Planning and Coastal Management