Westminster Legal Policy Forum

Next steps for civil justice reform - court modernisation, civil litigation and fixed recoverable costs

Morning, Friday, 13th October 2017

Central London


With Government preparing to introduce a Civil Liability Bill, this discussion is timed to consider the future for proposals to reform the Soft Tissue Injury (‘whiplash’) Claims process, and their implications for claimants, insurers and the future of the personal injury market. It is also timed to follow Lord Justice Jackson’s review of fixed recoverable costs - which is expected to report this summer - and will bring out latest thinking on options for developing an expanded fixed costs regime that can promote both efficiency and access to justice.

As the Judiciary take forward proposals from Lord Justice Briggs’ Civil Courts Structure Review - expected to be underpinned by a Courts Reform Bill - further sessions will look at the next steps for modernising the civil courts. Discussion will focus on the delivery of the proposed ‘Online Court’ for small claims and challenges around the expansion of online dispute resolution and digitised court services, as well as priorities for implementing Brigg’s wider recommendations - looking at proposals for a single enforcement court, greater investment in regional courts, changes to the role of case officers and the expansion of alternative dispute resolution.

The conference is expected to bring together key policymakers with a range of stakeholders, including members of both Houses of Parliament, senior officials from the Ministry of Justice and other relevant Departments, representatives from across the civil justice system - including legal practitioners, insurers, business associations and consumer groups - as well as academics and representatives of the national and trade press.

Guest of Honour

Lord Justice Briggs

Deputy Head of Civil Justice and Lead, Civil Courts Structure Review

Guest of Honour

Lord Justice Briggs

Deputy Head of Civil Justice and Lead, Civil Courts Structure Review


Lord Faulks QC

former Minister of State for Civil Justice, Ministry of Justice

Lord Marks of Henley-on-Thames QC


Nick Gallagher

Chief Executive, Personal Support Unit

Professor Rachael Mulheron

Professor of Law, Queen Mary University of London and Member, Civil Justice Council of England and Wales

Robert Thompson

Vice Chair, Civil Court Users Association

Brett Dixon

President, Association of Personal Injury Lawyers

Graham Ross

Head of European Advisory Board, Modria and Founder, The Mediation Room

District Judge Tim Jenkins

Brentford County Court

Derek Sweeting QC

Barrister, Seven Bedford Row and Chairman, Legal Services Committee, Bar Council

Rob Cummings

Assistant Director, Head of Motor and Liability, Association of British Insurers

Annette Morris

Reader in Law, Cardiff University

Iain Stark

Partner, Weightmans