Westminster Media Forum

Next steps for improving diversity and inclusion in the UK screen sector

Morning, Thursday, 6th December 2018

Central London


This seminar will examine latest developments in improving inclusion and diversity in the UK screen sector - both on and off-screen.

It takes place with a heightened focus in central government and the industry on diversity as a driver of business growth and means of enriching creative output, and in light of ongoing concerns around pay, harassment, and on-screen representation.

Attendees will assess progress made by broadcasters around monitoring, targets, and top-down diversity policies - as well as what further regulatory and policy steps might be needed to improve across wider demographics, leadership and the freelance workforce - drawing on Ofcom’s latest Diversity in Broadcasting monitoring report.

With the BBC publishing the first in a series of five reports into BAME career progression and culture, delegates will consider implementation issues around increasing accountability and diversity in leadership positions.

They will also assess the potential to help develop best practice more widely in the industry around progression, talent retention and developing diversity in decision making - looking at further strategies for monitoring and improving data quality, promoting inclusive workplace cultures, creating development programmes, and highlighting role models.

There will be discussion on how the industry can develop a more collaborative approach to inclusion and equal opportunities - including improving communication channels and a greater focus on the individual challenges faced by different stakeholders.

Further sessions look at latest approaches for overcoming barriers to entry and supporting the next generation of talent so that they can develop their skills and employability - taking into account the education system, careers advice, recruitment practices and sector initiatives. They will also consider new approaches to widening the talent pool, including discovering and attracting diverse talent from social media and video platforms.

Guests of Honour

Vikki Cook

Director, Standards and Audience Protection, Ofcom

Tunde Ogungbesan

Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Succession, BBC

Keynote Speakers

Tunde Ogungbesan

Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Succession, BBC

Vikki Cook

Director, Standards and Audience Protection, Ofcom

Seetha Kumar

Chief Executive Officer, ScreenSkills


Justin Edgar

Co-Founder, 104 Films

Ranvir Singh

Presenter and Journalist

Neil Hatton

Chief Executive Officer, UK Screen Alliance

Bob Clarke

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mama Youth Project

Marcus Bell

Director, Race Disparity Unit, Cabinet Office

Ade Rawcliffe

Head of Diversity, ITV Commissioning

Speaker confirmed from Channel 4

Christine Payne

General Secretary, Equity

Emily Guarino

Head of Legal & Business Affairs, Maverick TV