Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum

The future of the UK gas network: infrastructure, new technologies and energy security

Morning, Thursday, 5th July 2018

Central London


This conference will bring together policymakers with key stakeholders to consider the future of UK gas infrastructure - looking at potential upgrades and decommissioning, system resilience and new technologies.

The seminar comes as Ofgem consults on the framework for the next price control (RIIO-2) for the gas distribution network and gas and electricity transmission, with the result due by summer 2018 - and discussion is expected on how this can best incentivise companies to deliver the services that consumers value, at the most efficient cost.

Following the sale of National Grid’s controlling stake in the UK’s gas distribution network and the formation of Cadent Gas, delegates will also examine the implications for future energy security and the maintenance of the UK’s gas network.

In light of the financial go ahead for projects such as H21 Leeds and the government’s £20 million fund for the future of the UK’s hydrogen economy, delegates will also consider the supply of conventional gas, LNG and pipeline maintenance, as well as the role of new, unconventional gas sources - such as onshore shale gas, biogas, and hydrogen - in reducing the carbon footprint of the heat, power and transport sectors.

Further sessions assess the challenges for decarbonising the gas network, and its interrelated role with renewable generation as a base-load energy source, in the context of the targets laid out in the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy.

Guest of Honour

Chris Train

Chief Executive, Cadent Gas

Guest of Honour

Chris Train

Chief Executive, Cadent Gas

Keynote Speakers

Professor Jim Watson

Director, UKERC

David Joffe

Acting Head of Carbon Budgets, Committee on Climate Change

Dan Sadler

H21 Programme Director, Northern Gas Networks

Guy Buckenham

Head, Generation Policy and Regulation, EDF Energy


Dr Alan Whitehead MP

Shadow Minister, Energy and Climate Change


Chris Clarke

Director, Asset Management and HSE, Wales and West Utilities

Sam Bright

EU Energy and Coal Lawyer, Climate Litigation Team, ClientEarth

Nicola Pitts

Head of Market Change, Gas, National Grid

Chris Walters

Managing Consultant, Gas Strategies

Gaynor Hartnell

Head of Renewable Transport Fuels, Renewable Energy Association

Phillip Clisham

Chairman, Pipelines Industries Guild