Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum

Priorities for the UK food and drink industry - competitiveness, supply chains and engaging with policy change

Morning, Thursday, 13th December 2018

Central London


This seminar is bringing together stakeholders with key policymakers to discuss priorities for the UK food and drink industry at a time of substantial change and uncertainty.

It takes place with the Prime Minister heralding a raft of policy including environment and agriculture bills in preparation for a UK exit from the European Union.

Delegates will assess the impact of the emerging landscape on the food and drink industry focusing on key issues around competitiveness, supply chain management, workforce and trade.

We also expect discussion on issues related to the recently closed Health and harmony consultation, which focused on public money for public goods, and concerns raised recently by the industry over food supply chains post-Brexit.

The agenda focuses on:

  • Competitiveness - meeting the challenges of evolving markets and adapting to any future regulatory changes;
  • Workforce - ensuring the UK has a workforce with the skills that the industry, its partners and wider society need;
  • Research - knowledge transfer, building partnerships and supporting translation of the UK’s world-leading food research into practice;
  • Supply chain management - engaging with and securing the supply chain, safeguarding standards and supporting UK agriculture; and
  • International relationships and trade - the impact of different trading scenarios, key issues for the meat and live exports sectors, and promoting produce abroad.

Guest of Honour

Sally Warren

Director, Agri-Food Chain, Defra

Guest of Honour

Sally Warren

Director, Agri-Food Chain, Defra


Nick Allen

Chief Executive Officer, British Meat Processors Association

Angela Coleshill

Competitiveness Director, Food and Drink Federation

Tim Lang

Professor of Food Policy, Centre for Food Policy, City, University London

Justine Fosh

Chief Executive, The National Skills Academy for Food & Drink

Jayne Brookman

Head of AgriFood, Knowledge Transfer Network

John Davies

President, NFU Cymru

Tom Hind

Chief Strategy Officer, AHDB