Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum

Priorities for the UK food and drink industry - competitiveness, supply chains and trade

Morning, Thursday, 13th December 2018

15Hatfields, Chadwick Court, London SE1 8DJ


This conference will be a timely opportunity to examine the direction of policy and what it means for the UK’s food, drink and farming sector at a time of significant change and uncertainty.

The discussion

  • Competitiveness - latest thinking on promoting and protecting UK brands globally - including developing trade with evolving markets such as China;
  • Support - what is needed by the industry, across the UK, to adapt to any regulatory changes following the UK’s exit from the European Union - including for SMEs;  
  • Workforce - ensuring the sector has access to the workforce it needs, with the right skills and that it is seen as an attractive career destination;
  • Research - examining the Sector Deal and other mechanisms to provide support with investment and commercialisation of world-leading UK food research and innovation;
  • Supply chain management - improving transparency, safeguarding standards and contingency planning for cross-channel capacity and Irish border issues;
  • Sustainability - engaging the food industry and the public with land management and stewardship options in the context of developing UK environmental policy and international commitments; and
  • International relationships and trade - the impact of any future tariffs and checks on exporting agri-food businesses, customs requirements on importing businesses following the UK’s exit from the European Union; learning from Australia’s diverse exporting experience and particular emerging issues for the meat and live exports sector.


  • The recently published Fisheries Bill, which includes proposals on access to fish in UK waters, fishing opportunities and quotas and protection of the marine environment;
  • The Agriculture Bill, which includes measures to increase transparency in the supply chain and proposes a move towards a system of payment for ‘public goods’ - such as environmental and animal welfare standards - over the agricultural transition period in England between 2021 and 2027; and
  • The independent review on factors that should determine future distribution of agriculture funding between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Guest of Honour

Alison Ismail

Interim Director, Agri-Food Chain, Defra

Guest of Honour

Alison Ismail

Acting Director, Agri-Food Chain, Defra


Dr David Lloyd-Thomas

Head, Food Policy & Strategy Unit, Welsh Government


Louise Codling

Chief Executive Officer, The National Skills Academy for Food & Drink

Nick Allen

Chief Executive Officer, British Meat Processors Association

Angela Coleshill

Competitiveness Director, Food and Drink Federation

Tim Lang

Professor of Food Policy, Centre for Food Policy, City, University of London

Antoaneta Becker

Director, Food and Drink, China-Britain Business Council

Mike Park

Chief Executive, The Scottish White Fish Producers Association

Jayne Brookman

Head of AgriFood, Knowledge Transfer Network

John Davies

President, NFU Cymru

Tom Hind

Chief Strategy Officer, AHDB

Joshua Anderson

International Business Manager, Europe & Russia, Meat and Livestock Australia