Westminster Media Forum

Key issues for copyright policy in the UK - piracy, rights management and the value chain

Morning, Thursday, 12th July 2018

Central London


This timely seminar will consider the future for copyright policy in the UK.

Delegates will assess latest thinking on priorities for maintaining a strong copyright framework, building on issues brought out in the Independent Review of the Creative Industries and elements of the Government’s Digital Charter.

They will discuss what further support can be provided to creative businesses to protect and capitalise on their IP, including in the areas of valuation, addressing barriers to investment, rights management - and the future for the exchange of value across the content supply chain.

Further sessions will assess what more can be done to tackle piracy - looking at latest thinking on improving education and public awareness, legal measures and enforcement, and options for legislative reform.

We also expect discussion on the challenges for maintaining portability between the UK and the EU for subscribers to online content providers, and potential rights issues that may arise after Brexit takes place - with the IPO analysing the results of its consultation on the issues.

Keynote Speakers

William Bush

Executive Director, Premier League

Eddy Leviten

Director General, Alliance for Intellectual Property

Trevor Albery

Vice President, Strategy & Operations, EMEA Content Protection & Analytics, Warner Bros


Ted Shapiro

Partner, Wiggin