Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum

Developing a UK Aviation Strategy - Heathrow implementation and the future of airport capacity across the UK

Morning, Thursday, 14th September 2017

Central London

This seminar will examine the development of a new Aviation Strategy for the UK and a National Policy Statement (NPS) on airport expansion.

As the Government consults on the future of UK aviation and following the consultation and review of the draft NPS and the consultation on the design and use of UK airspace, delegates will assess the planning framework for future expansion and the policy priorities for sustainability in the aviation sector.

With the release of the Heathrow 2.0 sustainable expansion plan and the Airports Commission report calling for an effective air quality, sessions will focus on managing the impacts of expansion on air quality, local surface transport and the wider effects on communities throughout the implementation of an expanded Heathrow Airport.

With the seminar also taking place in the context of the decision to leave the EU, those in attendance will discuss the implications on the future of UK airlines and airports operating within the ECAA.

Further sessions will look at the potential for further airport expansion in the South-East and more widely across the UK, and the potential benefits this will bring for trade, growth and future capacity.

Guest of Honour

Emma Gilthorpe

Executive Director Expansion, Heathrow Airport

Guest of Honour

Emma Gilthorpe

Executive Director Expansion, Heathrow Airport

Keynote Speakers

Cait Hewitt

Deputy Director, Aviation Environment Federation

Neil Pakey

Chair, RABA

Alex Williams

Director, City Planning, Transport for London

Tim Norwood

Chief Planning Officer, Gatwick Airport

Tim Hawkins

Corporate Affairs Director, Manchester Airport Group


Ruth Cadbury MP

Co-Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Heathrow and the Wider Economy