Westminster Health Forum

Commissioning health services in England: funding, outcomes and delivering Sustainability and Transformation Plans

Tuesday, 16th May 2017

Central London


Following the submission of local Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) and commitments set out in NHS England’s Business Plan 2016/17, this seminar is a timely opportunity to discuss the next steps for commissioning NHS services in England.

Delegates will assess the impact of population-based thinking in commissioning, with priorities for Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) collaborating with local authorities and specialised commissioners as part of the STP process, as well as the steps taken to broaden the scope of commissioning services in the community as part of a national rollout of primary care co-commissioning in England.

Further sessions will look at the increasing role of choice and personalisation in commissioning, the impact of increased benchmarking of CCG performance, financial challenges, and the priorities for improving patient involvement and engagement.

Guest of Honour

Ian Dodge

National Director, Commissioning Strategy, NHS England

Guest of Honour

Ian Dodge

National Director, Commissioning Strategy, NHS England

Keynote Speakers

Mike Bonetto

Co-Founder and Partner, Tenfold Health and former Chief of Staff, Governor’s Office, State of Oregon (2011-2015)

Dr Graham Jackson

Co-Chair, NHS Clinical Commissioners and Chair, NHS Aylesbury Vale Clinical Commissioning Group

Dr Michael Dixon

National Clinical Champion for Social Prescribing, NHS England; Chair, The College of Medicine and Adviser, New NHS Alliance


Rt Hon the Baroness Jay of Paddington

Naz Shah MP


Bob Ricketts

Director of Commissioning Support Services Strategy, NHS England

Professor Sir Muir Gray

Co-Founder, NHS Right Care and Director, Better Value Healthcare

Dr Vaughan Lewis

Regional Clinical Director, Specialised Commissioning, NHS England South

Hazel Summers

Strategic Director of Adult Social Services, Manchester City Council

Carol Munt

Patient Partner, Advocate and Top 50 Patient Leader, Health Service Journal