Westminster Employment Forum

The future for Human Resources - technology and the changing role for HR professionals

Thursday, 27th April 2017

Central London


Please note the date of this seminar has changed.

Delegates at this conference will discuss latest thinking on the challenges and opportunities for human resources technology, in light of current developments in employment policy.

The conference comes as many employers express concern over their future ability to meet skills and recruitment needs, in light of the Brexit vote.

It also follows the announcement of an an independent review of modern employment practices and comes as the Work and Pensions and BEIS select committees conduct enquiries relating to the gig economy and other alternative forms of employment.

In light of these developments, sessions at the conference will consider how technology can be used within talent recruitment and management strategies, as well as examining the role it can play in improving employee engagement and helping employers manage change in the labour market.

Further sessions will consider the use of Big Data and HR analytics, as well as the future role for HR professionals in light of advancements in technology.

Guest of Honour

a senior speaker confirmed from Glassdoor

Guest of Honour

Senior speaker from


Keynote Speakers

Professor Vlatka Hlupic

Professor of Business and Management, University of Westminster and HR Most Influential Thinkers List, 2015

Catalina Schveninger

Global Head of Resourcing, Vodafone

Raphael Mokades

Founder and Managing Director, Rare Recruitment

Charles Hipps

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, WCN


Lord Young of Norwood Green


Doug Brown

Chief Data Scientist, Capita Employee Benefits

Alexandra Mizzi

Senior Associate, Howard Kennedy

George McFerran

Senior Vice President, Customer Engagement, Global Industry Group, DHI

Faye Holland

Founder, Cofinitive

Andy Campbell

Senior Director, HCM Strategy, Oracle Commentator

Gail Cartmail

Acting General Secretary, Unite

Tony Vickers-Byrne

Director of Human Resources, Public Health England