Westminster Health Forum

Priorities for implementing the NHS Long Term Plan

Morning, Tuesday, 5th March 2019

Central London


This conference will be a timely opportunity to discuss the next steps for putting the NHS Long Term Plan into practice - looking at funding allocations, integration and next steps for delivery.

It will be an opportunity for stakeholders and policymakers to discuss key issues as NHS England consults with the public, NHS staff and wider stakeholders on implementation, particularly at a local level.

Delegates will assess what will be needed to be put in place, and the roles of different stakeholder groups, in delivering the key aims for efficiency and productivity, engagement, prevention, personalised care, and targets for clinical priorities such as cancer and mental health - as well as what further steps might be necessary to help transform health and social care over the next decade.

The agenda looks at policy coordination and how the goals within the long term plan for the NHS can be aligned with the full workforce strategy for health and care and the social care Green Paper, both due out shortly - including priorities for utilising the £20bn funding for the NHS confirmed by the recent Budget.

The seminar also comes as the Government publishes Prevention is better than cure, which sets out the vision to increase healthy life expectancy by five extra years by 2035.

Discussion will consider what more could be done to integrate health and social care, following the recent publication of the Public Accounts Committee report on the interface between health and social care, which called for a separate plan for social care as a counterpart to the long term plan for the NHS.

Further sessions focus on the developing role of Integrated Care Systems in joining up care as they are tasked with delivering improvements locally - as well as key issues for ensuring engagement with patients, the public and staff working in the health and care system.

Keynote Speaker

Adrian Masters

Director of Strategy, Public Health England

Keynote Speakers

Adrian Masters

Director of Strategy, Public Health England

Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard

Chair, RCGP

Sir Robert Francis

Chair, Healthwatch England

Professor Paul Corrigan

Management Consultant and former Senior Health Policy Advisor to Tony Blair


Philip Dunne MP

former Minister, Department of Health (2016 - 2018) (subject to Parliamentary business)

Diana Johnson MP

Member, Commons Health and Social Care Select Committee


Dr Karen Kirkham

Clinical Lead, Dorset Integrated Care System; Assistant Clinical Chair, Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group and National Clinical Advisor, Primary Care, NHS England