Westminster Social Policy Forum

The future for social housing in England: responding to the Green Paper, empowering residents and increasing supply

Morning, Tuesday, 16th July 2019

Central London


This seminar will assess the future for social housing in England, bringing together key policymakers and key stakeholders.

Following the release of the Social Housing Green Paper delegates will assess the impact of the potential introduction of ‘league tables’ for social landlords - including how landlord performance can be defined, what indicators can be used, and what more is needed to improve transparency and the complaints process.

They will also examine measures to support the building of more social and affordable housing and increase the supply of social homes in the overall housing market - including what affordability looks like.

We expect discussion on whether a raft of government proposals go far enough or whether more is need to support housing associations, local authorities and developers.

Initiatives include the removal of the Housing Revenue Account borrowing cap, £1bn of extra borrowing for councils to build new homes, and the Government’s consultation on reforming rules on using receipts from Right to Buy homes to build more housing.

With the review of social housing regulation call for evidence launched alongside the Green Paper and in light of the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety, attendees will also consider options for the future regulatory framework for the sector - looking at the scope, role and enforcement powers of regulators, how best to ensure ‘safe and decent’ homes going forward, and what more needs to be done to support and empower communities.

Keynote Speaker

Helen Kelly

Lead, Social Housing Green Paper, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government


Simon Gordon

Policy Adviser, Residential Landlords Association

Chris Wood

Head of Policy, Shelter